24 Jan 2006

Carefully Flying...

When talking to Anne earlier today, she told me that one of the things that had REALLY helped her get back on the Flywagon, was posting in her blog a list of her daily chores. Not just listing it once, and then having it over with, but listing it every day, and then crossing off the items as she got them done. This way, she was kept accountable.

I asked her, if this worked, and she replied YES! sooo... I thought I'd give it a go. And since I've yet to find anything to use this journal for, it may as well turn into an 'improvement journal'. I don't know if it'll work, seeing as I'm pretty much counting on no readers, and therefore nobody to have to explain to why I'm not crossing off the items. On the other hand, I can't imagine this being of any interest to anybody else - after all, I usually just skim Anne's entries - so why bore other people with them. Besides, even my boss has noticed I like crossing items off a list, so you never know ;-)

And after that insanely long and rather pointless explanation, here's my ToDo-list for tomorrow morning:
  • Make my side of the bed.
  • Hair, face, jewellery?
  • Swish and swipe (I need a convienient place to keep the cloth)
  • Read Bible (I'm getting pretty good at remembering this)
  • 2 minute fire drill

It's on purpose that it's short - I'd rather feel proud of myself that I managed to complete the entire list, than crash and burn too quickly.

If - for some really strange reason - you happen to be reading this, would you please leave a comment. I'd love to know that there's somebody out there.

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