1 Feb 2006

Feb 1st, 2006

Last night I spent 30 minutes decluttering the living room. I only did the top of our low bookshelves and the window sill, but it looks so good now. I've found my shining sink of the living room :-) It happened by osmosis... I cleared out two shelves for Lars to use for his stuff, and then wanted to wipe them down. While I stood with the cloth in hand, I thought I might as well do the top of the book shelves as well... only I couldn't, because there was too much clutter on them, so I started removing the things that didn't make me smile... one of those things was a candle still wrapped. I thought that would look good on the window sill, and it did, but it showed too clearly all the clutter around it, so I removed that as well, and voila! Two new clutter-free areas in my living room :-) It felt SO good going to bed, knowing I'd wake up to that in the morning. The top of the high book shelves is up next :-)


  • Cook dinner
  • Do dishes
  • Tidy up after dinner
  • Wipe down
  • 5 minute hot spot prevention
  • Shine sink
  • Floss
  • Put out clothes for tomorrow


  • Make my side of the bed.
  • Hair, face, jewellery?
  • Swish toilet
  • Read Bible.
  • 2 minute fire drill.

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