1 Jun 2008

Spring Reading Thing - Wrap-up

I finished the Spring Reading Thing today and am actually very satisfied with the books I chose for it. It's a lot more varied than what I usually read, with a nice selection of new reads and rereads, non-fiction and fiction and books based in several different countries and eras.

The books were:

My favourite book was Water for Elephants, the best surprise was Wild Swans, the biggest disappointment a toss between The Poisonwood Bible and The Red Tent as I'd expected a lot from both, but just didn't think they could deliver. Unfortunately.

I don't think the challenge made me read more than I would've otherwise, but it definitely helped me get through some of those books I've wanted to read for awhile, but just never got around to. I'd definitely be interested in another "Fall Into Reading" challenge this fall.


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Good job, Maria! I really like to use these challenges to include some variety in my reading, too. I'm glad to hear you liked Water for Elephants -- that one's on my bookshelf, to be read son.

Kara said...

Great Job Maria!! Wrote a couple of your books down on my TBR list.