29 Jul 2008

Naming Conventions Challenge - Read books dictated by your name - DONE!

Graphic kindly provided by Jaime!

My aim with making this challenge is to have as random a challenge as possible but still having some sort of guideline to work from. Yes, I'm weird, I know.

Even the length of the challenge is random! Well, it starts on September 1st, but how long it lasts depends on how long your name is.

Confused yet? No reason to be, just hang on, and I'll explain it all.

1) Write down your first name (or whatever name you usually go by)
2) Do any or all of the following (i.e. do 2a and/or 2b and/or 2c):
2a) For each letter, pick an author whose last name starts with that letter.
2b) For each letter, pick an author whose first name starts with that letter.
2c) For each letter, pick a book that starts with that letter.
3) Books can be cross-overs from other challenges, but each book can only be used once in this challenge. Authors may be repeated though.
4) The challenge lasts one month per letter of your name
5) Sign up by commenting to this post.

The books can be read in any order and the list changed at any time during the challenge.

So for me, my name being Maria, the list could look something like this.

Meyer, Stephenie
Applegate, K.A.
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
Irving, John
Armstrong, Kelley
Marian Keyes
Anne McCaffrey
R.J. Anderson
Ian McEwan
Angela Lam Turpin
Magicians' Guild
And Then He Kissed Her
I Do Again
Avalon High

All books
Stephenie Meyer: Eclipse
K.A. Applegate: Animorphs 35: The Proposal
Amy Krouse Rosenthal: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
John Irving: The Cider House Rules
Kelley Armstrong: Bitten

Marian Keyes: Last Chance Saloon
Anne McCaffrey: Dragonflight
R.J. Anderson: Knife
Ian McEwan: Atonement
Angela Lam Turpin: Legs

Trudi Canavan: Magicians' Guild, The
Laura Lee Guhrke: And Then He Kissed Her
Fred Uhlman: Reunion
Scruggs: I Do Again
Meg Cabot: Avalon High

Reading Lolita in Tehran - Azar Nafisi (for book 'R')
A Mango-Shaped Space - Wendy Mass (for book 'A')
Since my name is 5 letters, the challenge ends on February 1st, 2009.

Finished 2b and 2c


krin said...

Good challenge! Question - is it ok to read books out of order? For instance, my name is Karen - can I read titles beginning with A, K, E, R, N?

Maria said...

Hi Krin,

Thanks! I'm glad to think so. Yes, certainly! There's no set order. You can also change your list at any time - something I should go add to the post.

NotJustLaura said...

I love the idea for this Challenge - thanks for hosting.


Lisalit said...

Question: So does this mean you are reading three books for each letter of your name (one from each column)? Or that you choose one from the three options?

This sounds fun!

Maria said...

Lisalit, personally I'll be reading three books for each letter, but you can also choose to do either 2a OR 2b OR 2c (or 2a+2b or 2b+2c or... you get the picture ;) )

The Budgeting Diva said...

I'm in!

Unknown said...

Count me in too, but I will probably go by Judith instead of Judy to make it more of a challenge. The trikiest letters are going to be U and I. And unless I have books that I am reading for other challenges or Yahoo! book groups, it will probably take me 18 months! But I am doing it. It sounds like fun!


Maria said...

Alabama Bookworm, welcome! Glad you want to join in :)

Judy, the 'official' challenge should only last 6 months as 'Judith' only has 6 letters. The challenge is one month per letter - not one month per book per letter. Just to clear things up if you'd gotten confused :)

Lisalit said...

I'll do it! I think I'll go for the 3 books per letter--there are only four letters in my name, after all!

Jaime said...

Hello! I'm planning on joining your challenge, but before I post my list, I've made a couple of graphics for you to use if you wish.

larger graphic
smaller graphic

Anna said...

I joined! This is a great idea. :D

My list: http://namingconventionshope.blogspot.com/


Anna said...
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Jaime said...

Here is my list! My name is short, so I'm going to do all 3.

Kristi said...

Ok-One more challenge - I am becoming addicted! My list is here - http://booksandneedlepoint.blogspot.com/2008/08/naming-conventions-challenge.html

Kim said...

Hi! Great idea for a challenge. I am in and my post is up!
(page after page)

Thoughts of Joy said...

Hi Maria! I just wanted you to know that I think this sounds like a great challenge; however, I won't be able to join because I am trying to complete all my current challenges and add no more! :) I want to get back to some freestyle reading. I sure hope you all have a great time! Happy Reading!

Marny said...

Great idea, I'm in. Here's my list.

Kara said...

I'm in!!!!

Here is my post:


Maria said...

Thanks Joy!

Welcome everybody! I've tried to go around and visit everybody's lists, but apologise if I missed any.

Grilsgood said...

This sounds like fun. I am going to use my legal rather than nickname which is Linda. I have some picked out
L for Linda Howard and C.S. Lewis
I for Roberta Isleib,first name ??
N for Carlwa Neggers and Mora Roberts
D for Jeffrey Deaver and ???
A forAmanda Quick and Joan Anderson


Lisalit said...

My tentative list is here:


Gluten Free Girl said...

What a great challenge! Count me in!

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

It sounds like a great challenge! I'm going to give this one a shot!

joanna said...

Sound like fun, count me in!

The Budgeting Diva said...

Here is the link to the list I have come up with so far. I am having some problems filling in the blanks so all suggestions are welcome.


Lynda said...

I'm in.
My name is LYNDA
I'll be doing 2c.
My book blog is here:

Thanks for the challenge ;0)

krin said...

I posted my list:


Kristen said...

I'm game. I'll have to think about my list (and which version of rule 2 I plan to use) but I'm sure I can have it hammered out by Sept. 1.

Kathleen said...

I'm in: http://smsbookreviews.blogspot.com/2008/08/naming-conventions-challenge.html

Christina said...

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Awesome challenge! I love to join in on the fun! Here's my list:

Unknown said...

I am planning to do all three, that is why it is going to take me a long time! Judy

Maria said...

Judy, even though you're doing all three parts of the challenge, it's still only one month per letter in your name - so the more parts you do, the more challenging it gets to make it in time!

Unknown said...

Author's First Name-Jules Verne-The Blockade Runners:


Koula said...

Okay this my first time at this so correct me. I will do 2a challege. Authors with last name beginning with letters of my first Name K,O,U,L,A. http://KoulaB.blogspot.com

Laurie said...

Hi, I'm joining up! This is a great challenge- can't wait to start.

I'm in from September through February.

Rebecca said...

This sounds like fun. I am planning on doing this, but I am going to have think about the books. :) So many choices...


Anonymous said...

I'm there! Finalizing my list atm. Will return when I have it. :)

(Great idea, btw!)

Wanda said...

I'd like to be in on this one. Question: If I start on Oct. 1st (just found your challenge yesterday) can I end on March 1st?
If so, I think I can manage 2b and 2c.

Maria said...

Hi Wanda,
Welcome! :) Yes, definitely. I don't mind people starting late :)


Wanda said...

Excellent! I'm near to finishing "Water for Elephants" and I'd love to read "Atonement" ... now to build the rest of the list. Fun!

SueFitz said...

This sounds like fun - I'd like to try it - it probably helps to have a short name

Desert Rose said...

I would like to join but how please?

Maria said...

Hi Rose,

You just post a link to your list. If you don't have a blog just post your list here :)

Desert Rose said...

This sounds fun..
I added it to my blog already :)


Kim said...

I am done! Whew--I did all three options and only had 3 months to do it, thanks to have a very short name. :)
Oh, and thanks for the fun challenge!
(my wrap up post)

Grilsgood said...

I have finsihed and want to get on to my 2009 challenges, so I am Linda

* L RUnger, Lisa Sliver of Truth Lewis, CS Mere Christianity; Lindsey, Johanna Lindsey A Loving

* I Spencer, Irene Shattred Dreams Roberta Isleib Preaching to the Corpse
* N Nora Roberts Tribute. Csrla Neggers, Kiss the MOon
* D Lehane, Dennis Mystic River, Carla Neggers Kiss the Moon
A Hans Christian Anderon The Little Mermaid; Alice Cassedy Behind the Attic Wall; Allison Brennan Prey

krin said...

Finished! My books for my first name were:

K - The King's Buccaneer by Raymond E. Feist
A - The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud
R - The Riddle-Master of Hed by Patricia McKillip
E - The Etched City by K.J. Bishop
N - Natural Causes by Michael Palmer

Kristi said...

I am finished - my wrap up post is here.

Thanks for hosting!

Unknown said...

Henry Huggins by Beverly Clearly.

Title H


Christina said...

Finished the challenge.

Here's my wrap-up post.