1 Jan 2009

LMM Mini Challenge - DONE

Since I created this challenge I figured I'd better take part of it as well ;) Here are my 4 books:
1) The Doctor's Sweetheart (Short story collection)
2) The Blue Castle (novel)
3) Chronicles of Avonlea (short story collection)
4) Further Chronicles of Avonlea (short story collection)

I've chosen these four because they're all available as free audiobooks at librivox, so I can listen to them when I bike to and from work :)


Becky said...

Sorry for posting this off-topic comment...

I wanted to invite you to participate in my ‘Question of the Week’ feature. (Part of the Operation Actually Read Bible challenge)You don’t have to–no obligation implied–but it’s there if you want to take part. It will be a weekly event on my blog--every Tuesday.


Unknown said...

Please give yourself a lovely reading gift by reading LMM's The Blue Castle!