10 Mar 2009

Abandoned for the time being...

I've recently landed a new job as book reviewer and book consultant for a Danish publisher. Very sweet job and they absolutely shower me with new books to read. Unfortunately this means that I no longer have as much time to read books of my own choosing, so I've decided to leave the challenges be for the time being.

I'm still hosting the LMM Mini Challenge and the Whitcoulls challenge, and am not planning on giving those hostings up, but I'll probably not actively participate in either.

That doesn't mean I've abandoned my reading though! My reviews can always be found at Bogormen. I still update that a couple of times a week on average.

I hope you will join me there.


Anna said...

Hey, that job sounds good, epsecially when you like reading ;) I would like lahve a job like yours, but of course there is one disadvantage: you read books which are not your choice. But I hope you like new job!

Kisses from Poland,

Lisa said...

What a great job! Congrats!