2 Oct 2018

Dewey October 2018 sign ups

The signups for the October edition of Dewey's 24-hr readathon have just opened, and of course I'll be signing up again! Hopefully Mum, Bekka and Mixi will all join me as per usual. After all - it's tradition! :-D

October 20th - can't wait! For some reason the autumn edition always seems cozier than the spring edition. Possibly because autumn weather automatically lends itself to snuggling up with a good book. Possibly because the autumn vacation was the one I started out doing, so it's become the "original" one in my head. Either way, it's gonna be awesome, and I love that it is now a family tradition!

So I'm quietly putting books aside (only mentally so far :-P ) and figuring out what I want to read. Books currently on my "to consider" list.
-- "Flexible" and "Unbreakable" by Ruth Buchanan
-- "Moskitoland" by David Arnold
-- The next book in Nick Clausen's YA series (I read the first one for the April readathon and it was really good! Not sure why I haven't gotten around to the next one yet).
-- "Dragon-Kin 3-4" by Audrey Faye and Shae Geary

I'm considering taking a page out of the 24in48 readathon and tracking time read as well... still making up my mind on that one.

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