4 Jan 2008

Around the World in 80 Books

Goal: Read 80 books set in 80 different countries of the world. There's no time frame, so just plod along at your own speed. Since there's no time frame, I'm going to include books already read in 2007, and just keep adding to this list, whenever I read a book set in a new country. Without a doubt the majority of books I read are set in USA, England or a fantasy country, but perhaps this will make me more conscious of choosing books set in other countries as well.

Updated December 4th, 2008: 38 countries.

Europe (16 countries)
Greece: Nights of Rain and Stars
Ireland: Quentins
England: Famous Five
Scotland: Wild Mountain Thyme
Denmark: Kald mig prinsesse
Sweden: Jerusalem
Switzerland: Heidi
Turkey / Hungary / Bulgaria / Romania: The Historian
Holland: Far Above Rubies
Poland: Those Who Trespass Against Us
Germany: The Book Thief
Bosnia: A Grave Breach
Italy: Under the Tuscan Sun
France: The Girl with the Blue Bicycle
Spain: People of the Book
Serbia: Den serbiske dansker

Africa (7 countries)
Ethiopia: A Man Called Blessed
South Africa: God Has A Dream
Egypt: Prophecy
Marocco: Stolen Lives
Congo: The Poisonwood Bible
Somalia: Infidel
Botswana: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Asia (8 countries)
Palestine: Burned Alive
Lebanon: Taken on Trust
Japan: Geisha of Gion
India: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Afghanistan: The Kite Runner
Israel: The Red Tent
China: Wild Swans
Iran: Reading Lolita in Tehran

America (3 countries)
USA: White Oleander
Canada: Anne of Green Gables
Brazil: Frit fald over Amazonas

Oceania (2 countries)
New Zealand: The Bone People
Australia: Thunderwith

Unknown (2 books)
Swiss Family Robinson
The Millionaire's Proposal

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