2 Apr 2018

Dewey Signups

The signups for the April edition of Dewey's 24-hr readathon have just opened, and of course I'll be signing up again! Mum and Rebekka are joining me for sure, and Mixi is still trying to coordinate plans so she'll be able to participate for at least some of it.

April 28th - can't wait!

I've been thinking of books to read for a few months now, and have been putting contenders aside, so I didn't "accidentally" read them too soon... with the expected result that I now have FAR too many books I want to read :-D But of course, that is exactly as it should be!

The books currently on my "to consider" list.
  • "The Yarn Whisperer" and "A Stash of One's Own" by Clara Parkes
  • "Flexible" and "Unbreakable" by Ruth Buchanan
  • Whatever book I've reached in the "Chronicles of St. Mary" series by Jodi Taylor at that point.
  • "Moskitoland" by David Arnold
  • "Den sidste vindrytter" by Nick Clausen (Danish YA series)
"Only" 9 books so far. Of course, it is very likely that I may (WILL) add to this between now and the 28th. We'll see what happens.

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