2 Jul 2018

24 in 48?

Thanks to Dewey's facebook page, I recently discovered the upcoming 24 in 48 Readathon taking place July 21st-22nd. Basically it's a readathon where you read for 24 out of 48 hours - you can split up those hours however you want, as long as you start after 00:01 Saturday morning and end before 23:59 Sunday evening (official hours are ET, but you can move them to fit your time zone if you want).

I've never done any readathons other than Dewey's before, but Lars is off working that weekend anyway, and I have absolutely no plans, so I figured, why not?! On one hand the different format sounds like it might make it more low-key, but on the other hand, reading 24 hours out of 48 is a LOT... even for me.

But I'm up for a challenge, so this is me signing up :-)

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