22 Dec 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007 - Wrap Up

The Fall Into Reading Challenge ended yesterday. I'd decided to read 13 books for the challenge - one for each week the challenge covered. It was close, but I managed to finish the last one before the challenge ended. Here are the 13 books I picked with a link to the review of each book at my book review blog.

This was my first challenge, and I have to say I enjoyed the experience. I've never been very structured in my reading, so making a list 3 months in advance and actually sticking to it (even if I did read a lot of other books in those months too) was a novelty to me. I may get tired of it after away and want to resort to my unstructured reading again (especially with all the challenges I've got going for next year... I'll have to remind myself to not be afraid of dropping out if it takes the fun out of reading), but for the time being it's fun!

I was really lucky in that I enjoyed all the books I'd chosen, but think the most pleasant surprise was My Best Friend's Girl - I'd expected a very shallow book, but ended up with one that made me laugh, cry and - most importantly - think.


Karlene said...

Hi Maria. Great blog. I love reading about books.

I hope you'll decide to join the Winter Reading Challenge. We are fine with cross-over books. In fact, we encourage it. Any book you read for any reason can be added to your Winter Challenge list.

Looking forward to browsing through your blog.


heidi @ ggip said...

I agree that you have to allow challenges to be flexible enough for you to really enjoy reading.

Good job on your list and Happy Holidays!