15 Dec 2007

TBR Challenge 2008 - DONE

Yesssss!!! The TBR Challenge 2008 is finally up. I've literally been waiting for this for 6 months, as I was too late to join the 2007 one (not discovering it until July, that's fair enough).

The challenge is: In 2008 read 12 books that have been on your 'to-read' list for more than 6 months. I'm going to expand it and say the 12 books HAVE to be books I already own, in order to make a dent in my ever increasing pile of unread-but-owned-books.

There's my list:


1morechapter said...

I made it a stipulation for myself that I own the books also.

I really loved Wild Swans. It was my best non-fiction for the year.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have Winne the Pooh on your list!! Neat!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a huge fan of Winnie, but I'm disappointed that in France we can't find an edition with the original drawings, that's too bad. It seems that French think that Winnie was created by Disney,what a shame