20 Sept 2007

TBR Reading Challenge - Completed

I'm not actually an official participant of this challenge as I didn't find out about it until July. I thought it was a brilliant idea though, so I made my own half-year TBR (To Be Read) Reading Challenge, and will be joining in on the official one next year.

The rules are very simple:
For this challenge you should....
** Pick 6 books - one for each month of the second half of 2007 - that you've been wanting to read (have been on your "To Be Read" list) for 6 months or longer, but haven't gotten around to.

** Then, starting July 1, 2007, read one of these books from your list each month, ending December 31, 2007. :o
My books are/were (as we're already half-way through):

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