20 Sept 2007


I got this blog a couple of years ago, in order to be able to comment on another blogger's blog because they'd disabled anonymous commenting, so I had to sign up. Ever since then I've tried to figure out what to do with it.

Over the years I've tried several things, but somehow updating it just never got to be a regular thing. So now I've gotten a new idea - a book blog! Yes, I already have one for my book reviews at LiveJournal (http://bogormen.livejournal.com - the link is also shown in the sidebar), but there are some features LJ just doesn't have, which blogger does - like totally customizable sidebars (as long as you know html) and the ability to embed flash - so I thought, let this be my book challenge blog!

Reviews will still go to Bogormen although I will post links here, but the descriptions of the different challenges I sign up for, the lists and my progress will all go here.

Why do I sign up for all sorts of different challenges when I read a lot anyway? Beause I'd like a bit of method behind the madness. I have a to-read list a mile long and at least two shelves filled with books I own but have never read, so instead of the happy-go-lucky method of reading I've used until now, I thought I'd actually make a conscious effort to work my way through those - hopefully discovering a bunch of new favourites along the way.

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